About Circuit Devs, Inc.

Circuit Devs, Inc. takes design data management technology to the next level by enabling companies to harness the power of cloud computing and cloud-based storage for single or multi-site development. The company provides a unique platform upon which producers and consumers of IP and engineering services can come together to connect, collaborate and create better products in a shorter timespan.


Circuit Devs, Inc. was founded in 2017 by Marius-Paul Dumitrean and Hubert Cross, two experts in CAD/EDA technologies. Marius has lead large semiconductor design teams for over 10 years. Hubert has developed and integrated several internal tools for semiconductor companies and has lead software development teams.


Circuit Devs, Inc.’s mission is to support our clients and partners in achieving their engineering goals by providing unprecedented and innovative technologies which combine and optimize the management, reuse and collaborative development of their intellectual property, design services and design data.


To be the semiconductor industry’s one stop shop for data management, engineering services and intellectual property.




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849 Almar Ave
Suite C-486
Santa Cruz, CA  95060