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Achieve your goals

Managing your engineering design data is crucial for the success of your projects. Your engineering teams want to spend more time designing instead of managing and tracking changes in their design data itself and copying data between locations, individuals and groups, in order to collaborate.

Enter Circuit Devs: a next generation cloud-based solution for design data management, interoffice and intercompany collaboration and engineering service exchange platform that will absolutely free up time and resources so your teams can focus on getting results.

Circuit Devs’ solution is built upon three pillars: Cloud computing, Cloud storage and military grade encryption.

Circuit Devs Inc. - Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Our platform provides a scalable high availability service that traditional on premises solutions cannot deliver.

Circuit Devs Inc. - Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage

Circuit Devs’ cloud-based infrastructure ensures your design data is securely and cost effectively backed up and made available across multiple sites. Cloud storage also scales with your data as it grows.

Circuit Devs Inc. - Security

All data in transit between Circuit Devs' clouds and customer sites undergoes strong encryption and can only be accessed by authorized users.

Revision Control

In contrast to version control systems meant for software development such as Git and CVS, Circuit Devs is made by and for semiconductor industry professionals. Our team of EDA veterans have tailored revision control specifically to  silicon development.



Our revision control system helps designers work together and maintain a complete history of their projects in the following ways:

  • Allowing project members to work simultaneously from anywhere in the world

  • Preventing project members from overwriting each other’s changes

  • Maintaining a log of every version of every file in the project file tree

Circuit Devs Inc. - How it Works

As a company grows, design data storage and management needs grow exponentially. Conventional data management tools often begin to suffer performance hits and eventually require upgrades or expansion. Our cloud-based services dynamically assign resources to grow with your needs without you having to worry about growing your onsite IT infrastructure for design data.

Transform your Design Flow

Circuit Devs, Inc. will allow teams to focus on engineering while we handle your data. Our services can easily scale as your company grows.


The talent marketplace lists engineering service providers who can contribute to your projects. Whether you need a cutting edge ADC designed or a Bandgap laid out, the talent marketplace offers reputable design service providers to help you move forward.

Independent contractors can list their services, communicate with clients and access and share design data all on the same platform!

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