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Circuit Devs, Inc. launches cloud-based data management platform for analog design teams, ASIC integ

Will Reduce Costs and Facilitate Collaboration for Semiconductor Companies

June 23, 2018 – San Francisco, CA. Circuit Devs, Inc. today announced Circuit Developer Team, its flagship product which brings cloud computing to semiconductors to deliver scalable, secure and robust design data management at a fraction of the cost of traditional on premises solutions – enabling design teams to track changes to design data, manage access to design data and easily collaborate with peers in and outside of their organizations.

“Startup, small and medium sized companies now have a more cost-effective solution to their storage, backup and revision control needs,” said Marius-Paul Dumitrean, Founder and CEO of Circuit Devs, Inc. “Circuit Devs aims to bring together circuit developers of all types and transform how companies outsource their non-essential components allowing for agility in a fast-moving market place.”

Dumitrean continued, “Development teams can also benefit from Circuit Devs’ talent marketplace, a service exchange that brings together consumers and providers of semiconductor engineering work.”


Circuit Developer Team is available as part of the Circuit Devs cloud platform. For more information, please visit Circuit Developer Team's product page.

About Circuit Devs, Inc.

Circuit Devs, Inc. takes design data management technology to the next level by enabling companies to harness the power of cloud computing and cloud-based storage for single or multi-site development. The company provides a unique platform upon which producers and consumers of IP and engineering services can come together to connect, collaborate and create better products in a shorter timespan.

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